October 29, 2015 -

On October 18th, Typhoon Koppu made landfall on the Aurora province, a rural and sparsely populated area in the Philippines. Nearly 993,000 people have been affected by the slow-moving typhoon, including approximately 103,400 people who continue to stay in evacuation centers in the most impacted areas. About 12,500 houses were damaged and dozens of roads and bridges were impaired due to landslides and flooding.

CRS Response

Catholic Relief Services is working to rapidly assess the extent of the damage. CRS is coordinating with local Caritas partners in the Philippines to address the immediate needs of those affected by this natural disaster – such as water, hygiene supplies, hygiene kits, and other emergency necessities.

A Call for Prayer

Please join us in prayer, as we ask our Blessed Mother to be present with the people in Afghanistan and Pakistan:

Prayer for the Philippines in Response to Typhoon Koppu

God of All Creation,

Out of darkness, you brought beauty and goodness as you created the world.
Even before day and night, you created the sea and the earth out of chaos and called them good.
Today, we come to you as people in need of that life-giving goodness.
As you once created order and goodness out of chaos, do so again in the Philippines.
Be with your people as they rebuild their lives.
Fill them with faith to trust in you, knowing that you are present in the calmness of the whispering wind.

Surround them with your love as they try to make sense of this act of nature.
May our hearts remain open to our brothers and sisters as we respond in faith to their need.

We ask this in the name of Jesus.


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Bulletin Insert or Website Blurb:

In the past two weeks, the Philippines, Mexico, and Afghanistan each experienced a natural disaster that has affected numerous individuals and families. At this time, we ask the Catholic community to please pray for their safety and recovery. More information on ways to offer support will be sent as it comes.

For prayers and more information, please visit: http://www.ChicagoPeaceAndJustice.org/EmergencyAppeal