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Parish Sharing

MISSION: The Office for Peace and Justice facilitates the Parish Sharing program with the mission to link parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago to mutually benefit from each other by sharing spiritual, community and financial resources.

Besides money, time and talent, Parish Sharing is a ministry to share in the spiritual graces and treasures of the Catholic Church.  We understand that it takes financial resources to run parishes, but money alone will not take care of everything we are called to do as Catholics.

Parishes can share in many of the wonderful Sacraments of the Church by visiting each other’s churches for holy day Masses and celebrations, sharing the most important part of our mission…the Holy Eucharist.

Sharing can involve a Rosary and potluck gathering. Perhaps parishes can assist in cleaning, painting, gardening or repairing what needs to be repaired in each other’s parishes.

Inter-parish workshops on Catholic issues like pro-life, youth ministry, pursuing vocations in the Church, chastity for youth would be great ways to learn and evangelize, sharing the treasures of knowledge.

To participate, contact Jude Huntz

Is your parish sharing relationship with another parish either in Chicago or elsewhere?

Please fill out the following form to let us know:

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