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Justice Education

The Office for Peace and Justice offers a variety of educational materials and presentations to Catholic parishes, schools and institutions. Additionally, the Office promotes advocacy efforts to assist the poor and vulnerable in the Chicago area, the US and throughout the world. The OPJ is actively engaged in a number of issues including health care access, war and anti-violence, affordable housing, politics, voting and legislative issues.

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  1. Carolyn Priest says:

    I just heard that the Cardinal will be celebrating Mass for an organization that promotes the idea that Homosexuality is an “Illness” that can be cured! Is this correct? If so, how does he justify denigrating many individuals created by God in His Image and Likeness!? Is the Cardinal going to speak out against this theory that has been proven wrong?

    • opjchicago says:

      I’m not entirely sure which organization/mass you are referring to. But I just wanted to point out that the Cardinal also said a mass for AGLO not too long ago. Cardinal George also remains steadfast in preaching (and living out) the teachings of the Church that anybody with a homosexual inclination must be treated with respect while calling everyone, regardless of their sexuality, to live chaste and holy lives.

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