The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is the domestic anti-poverty, social justice program of the U.S. Catholic bishops. Its mission is to address the root causes of poverty in America through promotion and support of community-controlled, self-help organizations and through transformative education.

Founded in 1969, CCHD’s pastoral strategy is empowerment of [low-income communities] through a methodology of participation and education for justice, leading toward solidarity between [those of any economic background] as impelled by the Church’s biblical tradition, modern Catholic social teaching, and the pervasive presence of poverty in the United States. This ministry for justice is rooted in our baptism and faith commitment.
— Approved by the USCCB-CCHD Committee, November 1992

CCHD acts directly from the principles of our Catholic faith, particularly our tradition of Catholic Social Teaching, and embodies the link between institutional change and the Catholic faith.