CRS Global Briefing - April 2016

Earthquake in Ecuador

CRS and partners in Ecuador continue to assess the devastation caused by the earthquake that struck on April 16. They are helping provide the basics of food, water and shelter to all those impacted, until they are ready to begin the long process of rebuilding and healing.

Photo credit: CRS

Photo credit: CRS

CRS will focus on the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas, two already struggling areas that experienced extreme destruction. These more remote areas are also receiving less aid because of their coastal location and the difficulties caused by heavy rain.

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Health Insurance for $7 per Year

CRS Microfinance programs have helped communities all over the world. In the West African nation of Benin, they're leading to healthier children and affordable, sustainable health insurance. Read more >

CRS Assists 1 Millions Syrian Refugees

Kira Horvath for CRS

Kira Horvath for CRS

Five years after fighting began, CRS has now served more than 1 million displaced Syrians. As Pope Francis reminds us, there are real human faces behind the staggering statistics. Read more >

Ethiopia and El Nino: A Year of Extremes

Ethiopia is a nation facing one of its worst droughts in 50 years. Following a dry 2015, the effects of climate change and El Nino, our brothers and sisters face a devastating lack of water that could last for much of 2016. Watch the video now.

A Snapshot of Education's Impact

In a remote village in Afghanistan's Ghor Province, CRS has opened a classroom for a mostly-illiterate community that knows education is the key to their future. Read more >