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Blessed are the Peacemakers

Deepening the Journey of Gospel Nonviolence In Our Lives, Parishes, Neighborhoods, and World

Jesus proclaims the nonviolent way of life.  He calls his disciples to love their enemies, to become peacemakers, to forgive, to be merciful, to heal the disabled, to feed the hungry, and to challenge all forms of violence and injustice. Jesus’ nonviolence is the power of creative and determined love in action.

The Reign of God that Jesus announces is a new nonviolent order transforming injustice and creating a world where every person is seen as a child of God of infinite worth.  If the goal of this new reality is God’s justice for all, the way to this goal is Gospel nonviolence.

In the midst of the conflict and violence in our lives, our neighborhoods, our cities and our world, Blessed Are the Peacemakers is a program of the Chicago Archdiocese designed to spread and actualize the spirituality and practice of Gospel nonviolence.  It will:

  • Share theological resources on Gospel nonviolence
  • Offer formation, training, and theological reflection to build the capacity of a wide range of existing archdiocesan programs by integrating the vision and tools of Gospel nonviolence
  • Encourage local churches to become Nonviolent Communities equipped to respond to and transform violence in the parish, the neighborhood, the city, and the world, and
  • Create a comprehensive program for formation and certification of Gospel Nonviolence Formation and Resource Teams to support to parishes in becoming Nonviolent Communities

Blessed Are the Peacemakers is a collaboration between the Office of Peace and Justice, Catholics for Nonviolence, and Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service, a Franciscan-based nonviolence education nonprofit organization that has led hundreds of workshops, retreats and trainings on the vision and tools of active nonviolence.


“Above all we want to make the voice of Jesus heard. He was always a man of peace. It could be expected that, when God came to earth, he would be a man of great power, destroying the opposing forces. That he would be a man of powerful violence as an instrument of peace. Not at all. He came in weakness. He came with only the strength of love, totally without violence, even to the point of going to the Cross. This is what shows us the true face of God, that violence never comes from God, never helps bring anything good, but is a destructive means and not the path to escape difficulties. He is thus a strong voice against every type of violence. He strongly invites all sides to renounce violence, even if they feel they are right. The only path is to renounce violence, to begin anew with dialogue, with the attempt to find peace together, with a new concern for one another, a new willingness to be open to one another. This is Jesus’ true message: seek peace with the means of peace and leave violence aside.”

Pope Benedict XVI – Good Friday, 2011

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  1. Good afternoon. Thank you for the work you are doing to try to stop the horrible violence in Chicago. Below is the link to a piece I wrote recently about violence if you would like to pass it on:

    Please let me know if there is any way I can help you in your work.

    Stay well and be careful and many thanks.

    Cinda Lawrence

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