October 27, 2015 -

On Monday, October 26th, a powerful earthquake struck northern Afghanistan and Pakistan. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Badakshan Province in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountains, including heavily affected remote areas in Pakistan’s northern KPK province. Tremors from the earthquake could be felt as far as Delhi, hundreds of miles south.  

More than 100 deaths have been reported – a number likely to rise as first-responders reach the affected areas. Initial reports indicate significant damage to homes and infrastructure in the hardest-hit areas of Pakistan. The earthquake has also cut off communication in parts of the two countries.

CRS Response

Catholic Relief Services is working to rapidly assess the extent of the damage. CRS is coordinating with local organizations in Afghanistan to offer much needed support. We will provide more information on the situation and needs in these countries as it becomes available.

A Call for Prayer

Please join us in prayer, as we ask our Blessed Mother to be present with the people in Afghanistan and Pakistan:

Risen Lord,

Before your death, you presented to John your mother, and to Mary, her son.
And so we inherit this cherished honor: That all may know your mother as their own.

Through ages past, we have known her consolation:
Mother of all nations
Comforter in times of affliction
Light in times of darkness
Companion in times of sorrow
Intercessor in times of prayer

In a world touched by sorrow, By disasters and hunger, war and deprivation
Disease and drought, persecution and injustice, What joy to know that it is also touched by one such as she, Reflecting God’s mercy to all, That each of us, rich or poor, broken or whole, May know the blessing of a mother’s love.

Mother of all nations, pray for us.


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Bulletin Insert or Website Blurb:

In the past two weeks, the Philippines, Mexico, and Afghanistan each experienced a natural disaster that has affected numerous individuals and families. At this time, we ask the Catholic community to please pray for their safety and recovery. More information on ways to offer support will be sent as it comes. 

For prayers and more information, please visit: http://www.ChicagoPeaceAndJustice.org/EmergencyAppeal